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Actually the Company’s head office, that is based in Segrate (at the gates of Milan) is located over a thirteen thousand square meters area, where all its activities of management, administration, sales, project, production, testing, installation are carried out and from where its products are shipped all over the world. 

S.C.A.E. started its activity in 1964 with a practised party of technicians expertized in the traffic field, the company's activity turned especially to traffic control starting at the beginning with a technical cooperation with a German partner, at that time one of the biggest European leader in the market.

Starting from this “know-how” basis, S.C.A.E. company developed its own products, pursuing a technological evolution that brings it nowadays to realise centralised systems and microprocessor equipment with high reliability and flexibility that allow to solve the most varied traffic problems and to manage in an excellent way, in function of real traffic conditions, either a single intersection or a City network.

The main activity are manufacturing, trading, installation, maintenance and assistance of traffic control systems. In this business area SCAE have reached a good position thanks to its capacity of constant change and innovation, flexibility and updated organization. The values we defend are: high quality of materials, lead time fulfilment, permanent update / innovation and the satisfaction of our customers.

With 50 year experience in designing equipment and developing innovative technological systems followed by an acknowledged capacity of realizing and managing systems for any complexity, we believe to be professional collaborators for any problematic deriving from traffic.

The working team is formed by skilled engineers, technicians, installers, employees to whom is entrusted the design, the manufacturing, the testing and servicing of SCAE products. As a way of creating a competitive advantage, the company promotes training programs in several areas.
A commercial organisation based on agents in almost every regions of Italy and disttributors in almost every country allows SCAE to attend public Contracts and Tenders all over the National Territory and worldwide.


The key of success the Company has reached up to now expresses itself in the binomial “Technology and Quality” which is a characteristic of its own production. Actually SCAE plays the most important market role in Italy as regards to traffic signal equipment.

Our mission is to provide complex equipment and systems of high quality and vanguard technology for allowing traffic to co-exist with man’s living in an orderly and not polluted environment.

With the aim of supplying a complete service, the activity of the company deals with production, commercialization, installation and maintenance of traffic control systems. To support the development of this business area, the company develops studies and projects, which are an essential element for Client’s decision.

The main goal of the company is to match the supplied service to the needs of the Clients. The experience and the vision of market evolution (competitiveness, globalization) make the company aware of the importance of Quality for modern organizations. Quality is part of SCAE organizational culture.

The management of all operating functions is organized according to a Quality System in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 European Regulation. All the equipment and products, which require the homologation by the Ministry of Public Transports, have achieved the relevant certification.


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