Who we are

SCAE was founded in 1964 by some specialized engineers who had sensed how the progressive growth of road traffc would impact the ordinary life of a city.

From this viewpoint, the aim of SCAE immediately became to facilitate communication between the road and its users, for an orderly and effcient coexistence.

With this premise, SCAE has focused its activity on the design, manufacturing, sale and installation of equipment, components, devices and systems for road traffc control and safety, and all those activities that public authorities must guarantee to their citizens.

The company has constantly grown in step with technological evolution, proposing intelligent and innovative solutions for an ever better quality of urban life and with over 50 years of experience SCAE is currently considered a sector leader in Italy and abroad.


The design, project, productive organization, the testing methods and the servicing of products and systems are completely entrusted to the ability of skilled engineers and technicians.

The management of all the operating functions is organized according to a Quality System in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001 European Norm, for which the company has obtained the relevant certification from DNV-GL Business Assurance (Certificate N° CERT-02697-98-AQ-MIL-SINCERT).
All the equipment and products, which require the homologation by the Ministry of Public Transports, have achieved the relevant certification.
In compliance to European Norms the products obtained the CE mark and certifications complying with standards issued by SINAL acknowledged Bodies.
The company has also obtained the SOA Qualification Acknowledgement for executing public works from QLP SOA (Certificate N° 5036AL/30/00 dd 18/05/2015):
• Category OS9, class V up to € 5.165.000,00
• Category OS10, class III up to € 1.033.000,00
• Category OS19, class III-BIS up to € 1.500.000,00
and the conformity certificate with ISO 14000:2004 standard (Certificate N° 391840 dd 09/06/2015).



Located in the municipality of Segrate, outskirts of Milan, in an easily accessible area, five minutes away from the airport of Milan Linate and 500m from the ring road to reach any direction.

The company occupies an area of more than 13,000m2, on which are located two buildings with offices for administrative and commercial services, activity of research and development and two industrial buildings for production, testing, and logistics.

Compliance System - Model 231

The Organization & Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree of 8th June 2001 introduced, for the first time, an administrative liability regime for certain crimes committed or attempted in the interest or to the advantage of the company by phisical persons who are in charge of so-called “top positions” or by employees. The administrative responsibility of the company is independent with respect to the criminal liability of phisical person who committed the crime and stands aside the latter.

In line with its own Code of Ethics, on April 20, 2010 the Board of Directors of SCAE SPA adopted the Company Organizational Model (Legislative Decree 231/2001) in order to pursue, in the management of company activities, efficiency values, ​​ fairness and loyalty in every process of daily work. This choice represents a clear signal by the Company regarding transparency and a sense of responsibility in internal relations and with the outside world.